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Open source development is not only a philosophy, but also brings advantages in for security, credibility and improvements. The idea of openness is what brought the idea of the jtx Board App as well as the sync adapter app (by bitfire web engineering).

jtx Board is an Android App for Journals, Tasks and Notes. Unlike other apps jtx follows the specification of the iCal format in one app an makes the components linkable with each other.

Together with DAVx5 by bitfire web engineering the entries can be synchronized with any compatible DAV-server.

Baby-Safe Home AR is an app that helps parents to make their homes a safer place for your baby in a fun an innovative way by using elements of „Augmented Reality (AR)“. Users can open the built-in camera functionality to detect objects in their home, if the objects could be a possible danger for a baby, Baby-Safe Home AR will give valuable advice on how to mitigate accidents.

Baby-Safe Home AR for Android is fully written in Kotlin with XML Layouts. The iOS-version is almost fully written in Swift and SwiftUI.
Both versions use the MLKit Library by Google to make use of its Object Detection and Image Classification functionalities.

Check out our partner bitfire web engineering, developer of DAVx5, ICSx5 and more.

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